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Salt Lick For Deer: Extensive Guide

Salt licks are vital parts of animal lives and nourishment. They play a key role in the health and growth of most of the animals, both wild and livestock. As a matter of fact, one of the most commonly-known ani...

Is Salt Considered A Spice Or Not?

Is salt a spice or seasoning? Or is it a condiment or none of these? One way or another, salt is perhaps the most essential ingredient in cooking and on a dining table. This popular companion of most food and m...

How To Melt Snow Faster Around Your Home

A lot of people start looking for ways on how to melt snow during the winter months. When winter comes around, it brings snowfall. And although it may sound cozy and nice, snow can easily turn into an inconveni...


Chemical Investment from Koyuncu Group to Contribute to the Current Account Deficit

Preparing to celebrate its 55th anniversary, Koyuncu Group started the "Chlorine Alkali Facility" investment for the production of "Caustic", from which nearly half of our country's needs are imported. This investment to be realized in Konya province will be implemented on an area of ​​33 thousand m2 with...

'There is Health in this Picture' Painting Contest

This year's results of the painting contest, which has become traditional among the children of Koyuncu Group employees, have been announced. Due to the coronavirus epidemic, the jury evaluation of our painting contest, which we wanted to tell the importance of health to our children and to see the value of h...