De-Icing Road Salt -  Koyuncu Salt

Snow and ice are the most important factors affecting road safety. Salt is one of the best well known materials to protect the roads on snowy and icy days. It is preferred and widely used in all over the world because it is very effective, cheap and easy to use.

- For Road maintenance use: parking lots, highways, sidewalks

Salt causes the melting temperature of ice to drop. As the melting ice becomes salt water and the freezing temperature of the salt water is lower. With this reason, it does not freeze easily on the road and possible accidents are greatly reduced. Koyuncu Salt offers environment friendly de-icing salt which is available as dried salt in different grain sizes and road salt bulk.

- For home use: garage entrance and garden

Garage and garden entrances, which are closed with snowfall, can affect people's entrances and exits and makes trouble. With the effect of salt lowering the ice temperature, everything will return to its normal pace on you life in winter.