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Years ago, the Ion Exchange Resin Technique was developed to improve the quality of water chemistry, to remove water-soluble minerals from water. Today, every appliance that we call Water Softening Equipment in every industrial facility is also an Ion Exchanger Calcium (CA) and magnesium (Mg) ions, which are present in water and are referred to as hardness, are removed from the water and replaced with sodium (Na) ion in the water NaClsalt. For water softening and purification both granule and tablet salts are produced in high purity food quality.

- For Industrial wastewater treatment

The amount of water used increases continuously with population growth and the development of the industry. Lack of water resources made people think about reusing wastewater. With the reason of high water consumption, industrial treatments are more important than individual water treatment studies. Salt is the basic component of this water treatment studies. Koyuncu Salt offers high quality salt crystals and round salt tablets for water softeners in different grain sizes and bag options.

- For Household water treatment

Only industrial water treatment studies are not enough to getting sources more efficiently. In order to use the limited water resources in the world more efficiently, each individual should have their own responsibilities. So its now getting popular to have a water treatment device on our houses. Koyuncu Salt offers high quality granular salt and round salt tablets for water treatment in different grain sizes and bag options.

- For Water softening in many process.

Most water sources have a high degree of hardness, which causes equipment to malfunction over time. Hardness caused by calcium and magnesium ions is removed by ion exchange method via Salt. Koyuncu Salt also provides pillow tablets for water softening applications.

-Dishwasher Salt

Koyuncu Salt offers high quality dishwasher salt for both domestic and industrial appliances.