Attention to Occupational Safety! Attracting Event


Koyuncu Group held an "Occupational Health and Safety Awareness Day" in all group companies in order to raise awareness of occupational health and safety and to reflect this awareness to the public on Tuesday, August 24.  

T-shirts prepared with the #İSGSeninleBaşlar and #YalnızBırakma tags were worn by our group employees during working hours all day. In the T-shirt design worn by nearly a thousand employees, it was emphasized that working parents should always remember their loved ones and the value of life in their business life. 

Derya Fidancan: “Let's Not Leave Anyone Alone by Taking Education and Precautions”

Koyuncu Group Occupational Safety Manager Derya Fidancan; He stated that approximately 1,700 employees lost their lives due to work accidents throughout Turkey in 2020, and that more than 20 thousand occupational accidents with injuries occurred in the same period. 

Saying that carelessness and not acting in accordance with the rules are the biggest factors that cause occupational accidents, Derya Fidancan continued: “Besides the reasons we have mentioned, many reasons such as inadequate physical conditions of the workplace can also invite work accidents. Of course, the most effective way to prevent occupational accidents is education, but both employees and employers should cooperate in order to eliminate other causes. It is very sad when a person is injured or dies while working for a living. As Koyuncu Group, we wanted to remind both our employees and the public the importance of occupational safety with a one-day event. Our t-shirts got a lot of attention. Those who saw us wondered why we were wearing these T-shirts. We shared this awareness with everyone. Our colleagues will continue to wear these t-shirts both at work and in their private lives in the coming days. The more people we can reach, the more our awareness will increase. We hope that measures are taken to prevent work accidents all over the world and work accidents will never occur. ”