Salt, which we use in many areas of our civilization, is a necessary part of our lives in personal care methods and adjuvant treatment methods. Humans, who have experienced natural salt for different purposes for thousands of years, have developed methods with proven effects. Beauticians obtain satisfactory results by applying salt due to its effects such as purifying the skin from dead skin, reducing cellulite and acnes.

Salt is known as one of the best peeling agents. The peeling which are prepared with salt and various aromatic oils helps your skin care. To be sure that there is no allergic reaction, you should apply it on a small part of your body, so that you can have natural products that can be easily found at home with affordable price.

The reasons for those who do not have access to the salt lake or the sea to keep their hands and feet in salt water is to benefit from the positive effects of salt on the skin. If you wish, you can easily prepare your own liquid salt and carry your care product wherever you want.

You can choose natural lake salt or sea salt when preparing care formulas with salt. It is important that the salt to be used is supplied from companies that have obtained the necessary certificates, that carry out sustainable production and that have become a brand in the salt industry. In addition, we recommend that you prefer salts obtained from salt lakes.

You can safely use the natural lake salt with rich minerals produced by Koyuncu Salt Company, one of the leading salt producers in Europe.