The Importance of Salt Usage for Pool Maintenance


Nothing like cooling off in the swimming pool during the summer heat. Cooling and swimming in the pool is a great activity, but pool cleaning is very important for health especially if you are sharing the same pool with many people. Today pool disinfection is done with various chemicals. However, the harm of these chemicals to human health should also be taken into consideration.

As an alternative to such chemicals, using natural lake salt or sea salt for swimming pool disinfection eliminates this damage caused by chemicals to human health and provides a hygienic and clear pool water formation.

Pool salt devices produce chlorine from salt by electrolysis method, providing hypochlorite acid, which is the basis for swimming pool disinfection.

The most important thing about the pool salt is to be used should have high purity. Therefore, low-quality rock salts are not recommended for pool cleaning. Secondly, you need to calculate how much salt your pool needs. You can enjoy a healthy pool by reaching the ideal PH value with the correct product and application.

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